Who is Jesus, Why did He come?

A Unified Church is a Beautiful Think to Waste
A Unified Church is a Beautiful Think to Waste

Who is Jesus, and why did he come? The Christian Faith expresses a Mystery revealed in the Bible. This mystery centres on Jesus, known as the Christ (or Messiah), our Lord and Saviour.

Who is Jesus: the Nicene Creed

First, consider the Nicene Creed (link). This Creed is the most universal standard of Christian belief. Believers recite this statement of basic christian faith every Sunday in churches all over the world. Reciting the creed reminds Christian that our Lord “came down from heaven, was incarnate from the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and was made man.”

Who is Jesus: The Incarnation

Second, consider the Mystery. We call this decent from heaven and our Lord’s existence among us–the incarnation. The incarnation is at the heart of the Christian Mystery. That a heavenly being from that unseen realm became one of us. And this was done, “for us men, and for our salvation.”

Who is Jesus: The Lamb of God

Third, consider the Bible’s explanation. When he Saviour appeared, a well known prophet declared, “Behold the Lamb of God!” (John 1:29-50). There are four Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible.  We know Matthew, Luke and John  as the Evangelists. However, the church has labeled the fourth, John, as “the Theologian.” The first three Gospels tell us the story of the Messiah. But John tells us what this story means.  Find out what John explains in a recent sermon I preached:

Who is Jesus: Find out More

Find out more about the Lord, and what Christians believe about him in my new GoodFaith podcast (coming soon!). The GoodFaith podcast will have a very specific focus. Today’s Western Christian finds the Church in a difficult place, with cultural, societal and legal hostility seeming to grow stronger every year. The GoodFaith consequently exports ancient solutions to modern concerns. The wisdom of the past provides a pathway to the future.


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