002 Those Who Fail to Learn From History

009 We Believe in God
009 We Believe in God

Why study Church history? They say that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We see this in every major political battle, where the new and rising star promises things that can never be fulfilled and set themselves up as “different” from the incumbent. As soon as they get into power, they forget nearly all those promises. And voters say, “I never saw this coming!”  Four years is enough for us to forget this and to repeat the cycle!

It’s worse in Church history. The church has a 2000 year history, which has seen nearly all the problems we face today before. But we are often ignorant of this history and deal with our problems alone. Why should we reinvent the wheel? Discover the wisdom of Church history in today’s episode of the GraceAppeal podcast (featuring an all-new intro).



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