007 Are Faith and Science in Conflict?

009 We Believe in God
009 We Believe in God

Faith is sometimes thought to be in conflict with science, and vice versa. Science is generally understood to be the investigation of the observable world, and of the theories that seek to explain what can be observed. It tells us what is. Faith seeks understanding through revelation, and natural law, by seeking connotations in observations of ourselves and of nature. Faith tells us what that which is means. Naturally, faith then has something to say to Science. It is an equally valid way of understanding the world. But does Science have anything to say to faith?

The modern world puts a lot of faith in science as an undertaking, as we should. Scientists have brought amazing things into the world. But what happens when Scientists move away from observations and theories explaining observations and enter into philosophical explanations of the Universe?

When Science Becomes Religion

Stephen Hawking, however, proclaims that “the eventual goal of science is to provide a single theory that describes the whole Universe” with the goal of “nothing less than a complete description of the Universe we live in (A Brief History of Time, 11, 14).

To do this, scientist actually takes many things on by faith. By faith they assume there is a rational explanation for what they observe. Through theories of physics (cosmology) and theories of biology (naturalistic evolution), they shift subtly through theory into metaphysics and religion.  This is nothing new.

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