005 The Controversy That is Christianity

009 We Believe in God
009 We Believe in God

Born in tremendous controversy, Christianity struggled with the weight of an entire Empire, an entire culture, and an entire way of life dead set against it. The Gospel, the central message of Christianity, has always been very controversial. As it was a scandal in the 1st century, it is a scandal today. Why? Because “We Believe. . . ” in what the world sees as “a depraved superstition” (Tacitus, quoted in Robert Louis Wilken, The Christians as the Romans Saw Them; Amazon; .ca; .co.uk)

Around the world today Christianity remains controversial.  This has led to the persecution of Christians at “near-genocidal levels” (BBC News).  Is there a way to win the culture over? Can Christianity thrive in a secular, pluralistic, and post-Christian culture?

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