5 Relationships that Mark an Authentic Church Leader

Discerning the True Church Leaders from the False
Five Ways to Spot a True Church Leader?

There are so many churches out there today. Sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out which church to join, and which church leaders we should follow. It can even be hard to tell whether a leaders is an authentic leader, or false church leader.

Expect (In)Authentic Leaders

The Bible regularly warns us that there are going to be false leaders everywhere in every era. These many warnings force us to recognize that we might be deceived, if we are not alert.

5 Relationships that Contrast Authentic and Inauthentic Leaders

This problem of figuring out who is authentic isn’t new. The Corinthians were caught in a vicious battle between the Apostle Paul, and a group of self-designated “super apostles,” who sought to win their allegiance. These super apostles made a lot of good points. They were present with the congregation, they were persuasive, but they were not legitimate. Paul contrasts his ministry with theirs, showing 5 relationships that prove his authenticity.  

I recently preached on 2 Corinthians 10:7-12, which addresses this theme.


July 22 Sermon


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